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The SOAR program encompasses three levels of commitment to help youth be successful in their future. 


Participation in Reflective Wellness therapy allows our youth to delve deeper into issues and concerns they are having personally and socially. Offering the youth and families we work with several modes of therapy to meet the mental health and emotional needs.  This includes individual, family, group, equine, canine, EMDR, DBT, Trauma-focused, and substance abuse therapies, along with mindfulness techniques.


Connecting youth with an advisor who acts as a mentor, tutor or connection to necessary resources assists in growing confidence while building a pathway toward future endeavors, goals, and positive outcomes.  Focusing on youths’ educational needs in order to streamline their current goals in school with their future goals as they mature.  We focus on college preparation, job-shadowing and life skills education. 


Educational services meet our youth where they are currently at with their academic needs. We act as a liaison between the youth and the school, connecting and collaborating with school professionals who can positively impact the youth's needs during school hours. This allows us to bridge the gap between what is happening at school and how we can effectively work with them outside of the school setting.


Engagement in the community helps broaden a youth’s prospective on life, and more specifically their life. Linking youth to pro social activities creates a hands-on learning environment that promotes advancement, inquisition, desire, and hope.  Within these concepts, youth are also developing life skills and preparation for their future.

The combination of these services helps provide our youth with a well-rounded team focused on their success with the utilization of a strength-based, holistic approach.  

You can connect with us via email or phone...

Email: info@soarcolorado.org

Phone: 720.675.7761

Registered Charity: 46-0530791


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