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Khan Academy
A resource to reinforce what children are learning in school, for homework help, or simply as a fun educational activity.

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Fun Brain
Games, videos, and books on a variety of educational platforms

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Learn in Color
An online educational platform where parents can find creative and engaging learning materials to teach children topics

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provides engaging learning and practice in numeracy and literacy for children

Denver Public Library
Virtual library services and much more

Focus Points Resource Center- Early Childhood Education
Start your children off with a strong foundation for learning with Focus Points early childhood education programming.

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provides engaging learning and practice in numeracy and literacy for children


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Extra Math
An online math fact fluency program that helps students develop quick recall and automaticity of their basic math facts.


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Science Mom
Sharing science demonstrations

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National Geographic KIDS
Games, videos, animals & more

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Denver Public Schools:  Every Student Succeeds Act Title Programs
Our objective is to ensure that families are connected with federal grant funding supports to ensure Every Child Succeeds.

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How Stuff Works
Explores how stuff works and the science related to it

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National Geographic
Learn more about todays explorers

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Missions, Galleries, & more

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Learn to Be
Free 1:1 online tutoring
School Choice for Kids
These schools are required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act to provide academic services at no cost to low-income students enrolled in the school. Services may include tutoring or special classes to help students in reading or math.

Rainbow Alley Free Tutoring Center
Do you know nay LGBTQIA youth that might benefit from a free tutoring service led by LGBTQIA folks? Complete the Interest form HERE

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