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Mental Health Resources

is a place for recovery, resilience and well-being, known locally and nationally as a model for innovative and effective community behavioral health care.

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the Action Center



Here at the Action Center we know that everyone can use a little help from time to time, that’s why we’re here!

Learn how we can help you stretch your budget a little further during these challenging times

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National Resources

National mental health resources based on DSM V diagnosis

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988: A National Mental Health Hotline
The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

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Below the Surface

Below the Surface aims to help teens connect to and get support from the Colorado Crisis Services (CCS) text line. Text TALK to 38255 to speak with a trained counselor 24/7 on a personal, free, confidential line. Learn more at

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Therapist of Color

We believe that “when therapy looks like you,” you feel a deep connection knowing that you have entered into a space where you no longer feel misunderstood.

Colorado Crisis Services 
Available 24/7/365. Whatever you’re going through, we’ll always be here to support you. Reach out, let us understand, & we will make a plan together.

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I Matter provides up to six free therapy sessions for any Colorado youth 18 years of age or younger, or 21 years of age or younger if receiving special education services. Therapy is provided by licensed clinicians in Colorado. Visit to sign up for free therapy sessions.

Focus Points Family Resource Center- Health & Wellness

From mental health services to access to a bike library, Focus Points is committed to promoting healthier lifestyles. 

 Colorado Mental Wellness Network

Through education and advocacy, the Colorado Mental Wellness Network seeks to provide opportunities for individuals to improve the quality of their lives, give back to the community through meaningful roles, and to change the perceptions of behavioral health.

Self Care Apps

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In the spirit of connection and support, we are grateful to offer you these yoga, meditation and Pilates practices.

Skill Share

Browse thousands of free classes for your career, passions and everything in between. Our classes are taught by the world's best practitioners in design, business, photography and more.


#1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress. 30,000 guided meditations



Enjoy this curation of content hand-picked to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time. And check back soon as we'll be updating these resources regularly.

MindBodyGreen mindbodygreen.

One word. Here you’ll find a 360-degree approach to wellness that weaves the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects of well-being together, because we believe that these pillars of health are all interconnected.

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