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Community Service

Cottonwood Volunteering
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SOAR offers a variety of community service opportunities that best suit our youth such as:

  • Cottonwood Riding Club - complete community service while spending time outdoors surrounded by mountains and horses on a 100-acre equestrian facility. Community service tasks may include: painting, trimming trees, cleaning the facility, making improvements to the facility, helping at the polo field, and more! Cottonwood may also be able to tap into your skills and interests and can find community service tasks that interest you!

  • Stevinson Toyota - this is a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in the auto mechanics industry! While performing community service tasks, you will be surrounded by professionals within the industry and have the opportunity to learn from professionals and get an inside look at the behind-the-scenes of Stevinson Toyota. Community service tasks may include: taking out the trash, removing tires from the shop, dumping used oil filters, removing used batteries from the shop, sweeping and scrubbing floors, sorting parts, etc.

  • A Precious Child - this is a great opportunity to earn community service hours and give back to our community! Help process incoming donations and prepare them for A Precious Child's store, where families shop free of charge for clothing and other basic essentials. These opportunities are generally within 2-hour time blocks.

  • Sand Creek Regional Greenway - another great opportunity to complete community service hours while spending time in the beautiful outdoors. These opportunities can include picking up litter, helping plant gardens, pulling weeds, spreading native seeds, mulching, watering new trees and shrubs, and more!

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