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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Seeing Our Adolescents Rise is now hiring part-time behavior coaches and relationship coordinators.

Please see the job descriptions below. Interested candidates can submit a cover letter and resume to us at

Relationship Coordination: Part-Time

The Relationship Coordinator works with the youth and families providing resources to referrals and linkages, assistance with educational and employment needs and participation in engagement and pro social activities. They also help the youth and the family develop and build positive relationship with individuals in their natural support circle.  

As the youth begin to show signs of success as verified through assessment, therapeutic progress, community engagement and the accomplishment of treatment plan goals, SOAR will work with the professional team to progress the youth toward transitioning and preparing the client and family for discharge.  With this comes strategic planning on what is needed for their success and an action plan if the client or family feels they are starting to regress.  

Behavior Coaching: Part-Time

The Behavior Coach assist with relationship coordinator responsibilities in addition to helping monitor the youth's school performance and other requirements.  

The SOAR team works together to complete regular check-ins and weekly visits to increase the level of engagement in the SOAR program. 

  • ​Monthly Engagement Outings

  • Pro Social Activities

  • Job-Shadowing

  • Tutoring 


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