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Originally dated June 2nd, 2020

2020. Stepping into a new decade has never felt so heavy... for the youth and families we serve, for our partner organizations and agencies, and for our community. 

Reflecting on these past few months, time has moved simultaneously fast and slow, realizing we are in June, half way through the year. With our youth now out of school, SOAR is holding even more steadfast to our mission: “to encourage our young adults to invest in their future, helping them to become responsible and motivated advocates for their life.” There has never been a greater need for our youth to fulfill this mission more so than now. 

As the mother of two young black males, and a leader in the SOAR organization I struggle to fully articulate the emotional weight I feel regarding OUR children, the young men and women of color SOAR works with every day. The hurt, pain, fear, anger, frustration, confusion, and vulnerability they may be feeling at this time must be overwhelming. Finding the right way to process these emotions without putting themselves in harms way, holding it in, or letting it out in rage is a burden they are now navigating.  

SOAR is focused on building young advocates, resilient leaders, strong-minded and informed young adults whom, during these times of extreme challenge and overwhelming discomfort, SOAR. Our promise is to continue to focus on our vision, “ to provide services that guide adolescents toward successful future endeavors, and encouraging them to stay focused regardless of unfavorable influences or circumstances.”

#Blacklivesmatter, our youths’ lives matter. What has always been hidden is coming to light for our children, for their families, for our society.  SOAR’s hope and goal is to guide them during these times, so they can handle all that is going on in this world with integrity, courage, dignity, and strength. 

We are so grateful to work alongside each of you -- our partners, our agencies, our families, our young adults, and our youth. 

We stand with you! 

Holding you in my thoughts, Chantae Thomas

SOAR - Seeing Our Adolescents Rise

Executive Director/Founder


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