Community Mentorship


Community mentorship involves the Community Relationship Coordinator (CRC) working with the youth and families providing resources to referrals and linkages, assistance with educational and employment needs, and participation in engagement and pro-social activities. They also help the youth and the family develop and build positive relationships with individuals in their natural support circle.  


As the youth begin to show signs of success as verified through assessment, therapeutic progress, community engagement, and the accomplishment of treatment plan goals, SOAR will work with the professional team to progress the youth toward transitioning and preparing the client and family for discharge. With this comes strategic planning on what is needed for their success and an action plan if the client or family feels they are starting to regress.  

Outings and activities are designed to introduce the clients to new experiences, as well as specific client interests and desires. These experiences are intertwined with treatment to connect learned strategies to real-life situations, develop & grow interests, and educate the client as they progress through the program. Examples of these activities can be going to a production at the Denver Center of Performing Arts, going hiking or sledding, or connecting a client with a musical or sports program.


Job-Shadowing opportunities assist clients who are interested in specific professions and want to learn more will have the ability to shadow a professional for a few hours during a workday to learn about the profession with hands-on experience.  Developing this connection opens up an opportunity for growth educationally and professionally.